Housing search through strong landlord relationships is the core of the Padmission platform, but as promising approaches and practices emerge in the field, we want to give you added flexibility and functionality to enhance your efforts. We’re excited to launch this latest feature that provides new functionality to manage units, inspections, reservations and signing bonuses.

Manage Units

Housing Locators can now add and manage individual units on floor plans for properties in Padmission. Here, you can track inspections and upload inspection reports and associated documents at the unit level.  You can also add move-in and move-out dates to track the status of units as available, leased or vacated.  This feature will be further enhanced with our next update where we will allow you to link housing program participants to units so that you can track housing search times by programs, providers, household sizes and more.

Unit Reservations and Signing Bonuses

We’ve also added the ability to reserve or hold a unit at a property in Padmission.  This is a strategy that is particularly useful in housing surges and mass lease-up efforts and ties in nicely with the recent guidance from HUD to use ESG-CV funds for financial incentives for landlords.  We wrote earlier in the month about the HOM’s landlord survey that they conducted to inform their practice in this area.  This feature is configurable in the app, so if your community is not employing a reservation strategy, you can leave the setting off.

Below is a video walking through these new features in the app. Please take a look and reach out if you have any questions or need additional support.  We’re here for you!