We’re seeing property management offices, especially at larger apartment communities, close to the public in an effort to practice social distancing and reduce spread of COVID-19. Some leasing staff are innovating and offering a video call, using FaceTime or other apps, to provide virtual tours through available units. We added a banner to alert users searching for housing to inquire about viewing options.

stewart image - COVID-19: Access to Units


Configurable in Account Settings

The great thing about this new banner is that it is configurable. In Account Settings, Housing Locator Admin users can turn the banner on and off, and update its content and color based on the information that you want to share. We’re anxious to get past this current use and hope you find a better reason to use it in the future.

banner image2 - COVID-19: Access to Units


What trends, shifts or early signs are you seeing in your rental market right now? We’re seeing increased interest in subsidized housing programs from owners and property managers. Now is the time to step up your landlord engagement efforts!