Document upload and management is here!  We’re really excited to roll out this latest feature to support your efforts to get people housed faster in your communities. You can now upload and manage documents related to landlord engagement, housing search and the lease-up process in Padmission.

Tenancy applications and landlord screening criteria are two of the most commonly needed documents for housing program participants and case managers as part of their search and application process.  Some Housing Locators are collecting W-9‘s from property owners and others are executing MOU‘s or landlord liaison agreements with landlords.

Any housing program-related documents may now be easily exchanged and managed between property managers and Housing Locators right in the app. We’ve added some default document types and as always, we provide you the flexibility to customize additional types to meet your needs in your community.

Check out the video below for a thorough walk-through of the documents feature. We look forward to speaking with you soon to hear your thoughts on this exciting new feature!