We’re seeing some amazing work around the country by leaders in homeless services systems around landlord engagement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, HUD Notice CPD-20-08, Waivers and Alternative Requirements for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Under the CARES Act, provides the field with alternative requirements and flexibilities under the CARES Act, including for landlord incentives. Incentivizing landlords to participate in housing programs, and particularly Rapid Rehousing programs, is an important strategy for achieving rehousing objectives related to the pandemic and into the future.

The question for many communities has been how to determine the proper amount and structure of financial landlord incentives. There are budgetary, programmatic, and other elements to consider and lots of stakeholders with opinions. One voice that is critical to the conversation is landlords themselves.

Ask Landlords What They Need

HOM, Inc., together with their Rapid Rehousing program service partners, conducted a survey of landlords to get their input on concepts like “signing bonuses,” risk mitigation funding, reduced screening requirements and unit reservation strategies. The results helped to inform their policy and practice recommendations for ESG-CV Rapid Rehousing and have sparked discussion about long-term, sustainable incentive offerings for other programs and funding sources. They’ve generously shared their survey results and a template to duplicate is available.

Tracking Signing Bonuses and Unit Reservations

We’re working on some new tracking and reporting features in Padmission to help communities operationalize some of these landlord incentives features.

Padmission Manage Units

Stay tuned for an update soon! If you’re interested in discussing the survey results or seeing a demo of the landlord incentives tracking options, give us a shout.

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