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Our Customers

We are pleased to support these organizations and CoCs in centralizing their landlord engagement and housing search assistance strategy.

With Padmission Everyone Wins

With Padmission
Everyone Wins

Padmission is custom built for the sole purpose of connecting individuals and families experiencing homelessness with landlords and property managers.

Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Our powerful search and filter functionality allows individuals and families to quickly find a property that accepts their housing program and meets their needs.

Case Managers and
Housing Navigators

Padmission helps Case Managers and Housing Navigators assist their clients in securing housing so that they can focus on support and housing stability.

Landlords and
Property Owners

Landlords and property owners list their properties in Padmission for free. Landlords lease up their units faster and reduce marketing costs.

Your Community

Padmission allows communities to coordinate housing location and search assistance at a systems level, benefiting programs throughout the Continuum of Care and ending homelessness for individuals and families faster.

Simple and Intuitive User Experience

Users love the simple, intuitive design of Padmission. On desktops, tablets and phones, Padmission puts housing search and landlord engagement at your fingertips.

Learn more about how Padmission
can strengthen your landlord engagement and housing search strategies.

Learn more about how Padmission can strengthen your landlord engagement and housing search strategies.

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